Join St. Bernard's in Albany once a month for conversations in Faith and what being Catholic looks like in today's world. 

Fr. Samuel Bellafiore, a priest of the diocese of Albany, will give a meditation that draws insights from Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and his provocative statement that every image of Christ "is always an icon of the Eucharist." Can this really be? 

This presentation will probe two areas that require further contemplation: the Eucharist as the definitive sign of God's presence, and the role of the Eucharist in the postmodern world. It seeks a vision of "Eucharistic mysticism," the Christian life that continually appropriates and is appropriated into the Eucharist.  

When: Wednesday, October 13th, 6:00 - 9:00 pm 

Where: St. Bernard's Albany Campus: 40 North Main Avenue, Albany, NY

Location Information

  • St. Bernard's Albany Campus
  • 40 North Main Avenue, Albany, NY, 12203 US



6:30pmLight Reception & Fellowship


"Towards a Eucharistic Mysticism" (available via Zoom as well)




Fr. Samuel Bellafiore

Fr. Samuel Bellafiore is a priest of the Diocese of Albany where he serves as a parochial vicar. He studied philosophy and music at the University of Notre Dame and attended seminary in Yonkers, New York, where he completed a Master's thesis under Fr. Robert Imbelli on imagery and analogy in Ratzinger's Christology. His writing has appeared in "First Things" and "Church Life Journal."


  • Please note: this only includes the talk and Q&A portions from 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST


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